If you ask me, raising kids is nothing short of heroic.

My brother and his wife just had their fourth, and whenever I visit I am humbled by how much selfless devotion goes into caring for their children.

Regan and I often get questions from parents about how to help their kids eat better, but the truth is that we don’t have any firsthand parenting experience as of yet.

Here in DC, we live close to Regan’s niece and nephew and are blessed to get to spend time with them on a regular basis.

But I’m pretty sure being the fun aunt or uncle isn’t quite the same as raising your own!

So today, I’m thrilled to defer the questions on pregnancy and parenting to the very knowledgeable and articulate Dreena Burton.

Plant-Powered Families

I had the opportunity recently to talk with Dreena about her new book Plant-Powered Families and ask her lots of juicy questions about the nuance and challenges of raising plant-powered kids.

Dreena has three wonderful, busy, hockey-playing girls, and has accumulated a mountain of hard won wisdom on how to make healthy eating work in the midst of fast-paced family life.

Her book is a treasure trove of kid-tested recipes and features tremendously valuable tips on how to navigate birthday parties, pack lunches, prepare kid-friendly snacks and more.

Plus, it’s gorgeous. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful plant-based recipe books and this is right up there with the best of them.

Ok enough of me gushing about Dreena and her book. If you are interested in learning more or pre-order her book, you can do so here.

In either case, check out the interview! We cover:

  • (2:25) Pregnancy and why it’s so important to work with someone who supports your lifestyle
  • (7:10) The best way to introduce new healthy foods to your kids
  • (9:05) The number of times you may have to introduce a new food before your kids will try it (this blew me away!)
  • (11:45) What foods Dreena sends with her kids when they go to a party
  • (20:25) How Dreena stays organized while running a busy household

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I’m often blown away by the success stories I hear from those who have adopted a plant-based lifestyle.

Almost everyday I read about someone who has lost 20, 50, or even 100 lbs, reversed their type 2 diabetes, reduced or eliminated blood pressure or cholesterol medications, and generally improved their quality of their life to the point where they feel like an entirely different person.

I want to start sharing these stories with you.

As you know, it’s not the easiest thing to stay on the path, especially when making health a priority can make you a bit of a social outcast.

It’s my hope that hearing from others who have stuck with it and changed their lives will inspire all of us to keep moving forward.

So today, I’m happy to introduce Sophia Dubrovsky and our very first success story!

Not only did she get her pre-pregnancy body back in short order, but she also wrote a beautiful and informative post about how she did so.

I loved how she touched on the joys and struggles of being a new Mom, and I highly recommend you give it a read.

I invited Sophia to share a little bit about her plant-based journey. Enjoy!

Hi Sophia, can we get a quick introduction?

Hi, I’m Sophia Dubrovsky. I’m 31, and I used to work in finance where the job was 7AM to 6PM. I’m “leaning out” of the corporate world to focus more time on raising my kids. This change has given me the opportunity to discover my real passion of nutrition and help others with their dietary journeys.

What inspired you to go plant-based?

I was pregnant with my first child when I read a couple of books by doctors advocating this lifestyle.

They were seeing incredible results in their patients reversing advanced stages of various diseases of affluence. It was the first time in my life that I read unbiased nutritional information. The revelation was life altering.

It was personal to me. I was about to become a mom. The responsibility of raising healthy children weighed heavily on my shoulders, and being healthy parents was equally important.

Just like any other parent, my husband and I want to be around as long as possible to see our kids grow up. If that meant eating more plants… it was a no-brainer.

How long have you been on the journey?

3 years.

What benefits have you noticed?

I finally felt like I had control over my body. For almost a decade I suffered from terrible headaches. Initially they were sporadic, but became a weekly occurrence toward the end of my Omni days.

After switching to WFPB, they have become a distant memory.

I no longer worry about gaining weight, even if I can’t make it to the gym. My skin is softer. I have a lot of energy, which is critical to keep up with two boys.

My blood work also improved.

How has your life changed?

My entire perspective on food has changed. I became a reading junky about anything nutrition related, and gained a much deeper appreciation for the work our farmers do. They are the foundation to our health care industry.

I began writing a book to share what I’ve learned with other families.

I also started Plant Based Made Easy out of my desire to help other people who are tackling food issues. It’s a career path I would have never thought I’d be making 5 years ago.

Your pre-plant-based self is interested in making the jump. What do you tell her?

Don’t think twice. Go buy a couple of new cookbooks, and a new pair of smaller sized jeans!

Is there a place where we can learn more about you?

My facebook page is Plant Based Made Easy, and my website is PlantBaseMadeEasy.com

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