Rewire Brain for Weight Loss

Rewire Brain for Weight Loss

Many of our readers write-in to say that they enjoy success in so many areas of their life, but struggle to eat well and maintain their ideal weight. They find themselves in unhealthy patterns of extreme dieting and subsequent binging, never finding the middle ground that they’re looking for to achieve sustainable weight loss in the long-term.

In the midst of such a struggle, many people become exhausted, choose to give up and are left believing that they’ll never lose their excess weight. They ask themselves, ‘how will I ever get where I want to be if I’ve tried so hard and still can’t succeed?’

Susan Pierce Thompson

Susan Pierce Thompson

Luckily, Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson is here to shed a little light on the subject. Instead of relying on sheer will-power to lose weight, Susan brings psychology and neuroscience to the table to help us better understand the science behind the power of food addiction and how we can free ourselves from it.

Her own story is truly moving. In 2003, Susan was taught a method for getting slender that helped her overcome a lifelong struggle with weight. Armed with the tools that she truly needed to succeed, Susan dropped from a size 16 to a size 4 in just a few short months, and later went on to become a professor of psychology to study food addiction and help others find food freedom.

We’ve been a Susan’s work for a long time and we recently sat down with her to talk about her new book, Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin & Free in addition to getting a glimpse into her thoughts on the science of weight loss.

Watch the interview and learn:

  • Susan’s personal story behind her struggle with drugs and weight
  • Why 99% of weight loss attempts are not successful long-term
  • Why losing weight isn’t as simple as eating less and exercising more
  • The surprising reason you should NOT exercise when trying to lose weight
  • The Bright Lines that help overcome food addiction
  • What makes Bright Line Eating the most successful weight loss program ever

Show Notes:

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Bright Line Eating

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