Little known fact, I was ranked 4th in the world in power tumbling in my age group when I was 14.

This sounds much more impressive than it actually is, since power tumbling isn’t exactly widespread. I’d be surprised if you’ve heard of it, though I’ve been happy to see the sport getting some press lately.

My power tumbling career ended shortly thereafter when we moved from Utah to Oregon, and that marked the end of interest in competitive athletics for me.

These days, I’m an avid yogi and enjoy rock climbing for fun, but I don’t feel particularly qualified to address the fitness questions that we get.

So I sat down with Aaron Stuber and Jackson Long, two ultra-endurance athletes pushing the limits of human performance, to pick their brains on how top athletes approach plant-based fitness, including supplements, pre and post workout meals and more.

If you are interested in improving your physical performance or just want to know if these ultra athletes are concerned about protein, this episode is for you.

Watch The Interview and Learn:

  • Why a plant-based diet gives ultra-endurance athletes an edge
  • The performance benefits Aaron and Jackson saw after going plant-based
  • Whether or not Aaron and Jackson worry about protein at the top levels of athletic performance
  • What they eat before and after a workout
  • The 3-4 top supplements they recommend to boost performance

Show Notes:

  1. Thought For Food Podcast

As always, thanks for watching and we’ll catch you next time.

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