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Last week we talked about going big and breaking through — looking at what it takes to create massive transformation in one year.

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing with you one such story of transformation.

Benji went plant-based, lost over a hundred pounds, dropped 21 pant-sizes, and brought his cholesterol and blood pressure into normal range.

His story was so compelling that it was picked up by CNN.

I would say that Benji’s story is amazing or incredible, except that after personally supporting dozens of transformations like this, I know that this is just what happens when you change your lifestyle and follow through.

But the reason why I’m so excited to share this interview with you, is because Benji shares some very specific and applicable tips that allowed him to be successful.

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Watch the interview and learn:

● (1:12) What it felt like to lose that much weight and how Benji’s life has changed.

● (4:22) The health improvements that Benji saw after switching to a Plant-Based Lifestyle.

● (5:11) How Benji’s tastes changed and what he finds himself craving now.

● (8:34) – How Benji and I strategically use transition and comfort foods to enjoy life and ensure that we stay on track.

(15:40)- How Benji manages eating out and his go-to restaurants to stay on track while traveling.

18:18 – How Benji transitioned to a plant-based diet, and how he accelerated his weight loss to lose the last 60 pounds.

What did you learn from the interview that you can apply in your own life? Share your biggest takeaway in the comments below!

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