On his way home from the hardware store, Gene Curtin lost consciousness and crashed his car.

Apart from the injuries from the crash, he came home from the hospital with another challenge to contend with — a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

Unfortunately, he is not alone. Nearly one out of every ten people in the U.S. have type 2 diabetes, and there are more than a million new diagnoses each year.

What people choose to do with this common diagnosis, however, varies dramatically from person to person.

In Gene’s case, the diagnosis eventually introduced him to the concept of food as medicine sent him on a healing journey through the world of holistic health.

But Gene also something else about him that is entirely unique.

He is a fictional character.

Sweet Healing: A Whole Health Journey

Today, I’m excited to share a health book with you that takes a completely novel approach.

I LOVE reading health books. But while the content differs from book to book, the method is almost always the same.

Eat lots of x, don’t eat y, and make sure to exercise for z-minutes per day.

But the process of actually implementing the advice — creating and maintaining a lifestyle of health and well-being — can be a transformative journey that affects every single part of who we are.

Our body changes. Our relationship to food changes. Our taste buds change. Our worldview and social relationships change. Our daily habits change.

During the time Regan and I spent at the Tree of Life, we were constant agents to this process of transformation — supporting guests as they went through the 21-Day Diabetes Recovery program.

Often, this change is forced by life circumstances, and has to happen at a very accelerated pace. It can be an extremely difficult and isolating experience. That’s where Sweet Healing comes in.

Sweet Healing: A Whole Journey is a fictional book written by author Michael Bedar that explores these concepts so often missing from traditional health books.

Michael was inspired to turn his master’s thesis, a project involving a survey of over 200 people diagnosed with diabetes, into a page-turning, parable-like novel that motivates and informs people towards living in a way that is proven to heal through nature.

The story accompanies Gene and his wife Hope as they navigate Gene’s diagnosis, are faced with the inevitable hurdles along the way, and discover health and science secrets that may dramatically transform his future if he can change his daily habits.

It’s a profoundly empathetic and inspiring story about a lot more than diabetes, with the potential to support change on a deep level.

The Story of Type 2 Diabetes and How to Heal Naturally with Author Michael Bedar

I sat down with Michael to talk about what inspired him to write the novel, our fascination with the process of behavioral change, and what’s next. Hope you enjoy!

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