Healthy, simple and impressive: it’s the trifecta for a plant-based recipe. It’s difficult to come up with a meal that checks all three boxes, but this one comes pretty close!

These Thai Brown Rice Noodle Cups are beautiful whether  served as pictured in the cabbage leaves or just tossed together in a larger bowl. They transport well thus making it perfect to picnics, potlucks or a trip to the beach.

Best of all, it all comes together in about 30 – 40 minutes but easily half the time if you have other hands helping you chop in the kitchen. The brown rice noodles are yummy and comforting, the sauce is flavorful and creamy and the veggies add crunch, color and pizzaz.

I love this meal because the vegetables I have listed below are just a suggestion. You can really throw anything in that you have on hand – cucumber, radish, celery, corn, etc. Have fun with it and skip that extra trip to the store.


4-6 full sized servings

Almond Butter Sauce
1  C Almond Butter
½  C Water
1 Clove of Garlic
1’’ Peeled Ginger
Juice of 1 Lime
2 Tbs Coconut Oil or Sesame Oil *
2Tbs Coconut Aminos or Soy Sauce in a pinch
2 tsp Toasted Sesame Oil
½  tsp Salt or to taste
¼  tsp Cayenne (add more if you want it spicier)

Noodles and Vegetables
1 package of brown rice pasta or pasta of your choice
1 red bell pepper, julienned
2 handfuls of snow peas, julienned
2 carrots, spiralized, shredded or julienned
1 beet, spiralized or shredded
1 red cabbage, about 8 leaves removed

2 scallions, sliced
Handful of cilantro, chopped
Handful of basil, chopped
2 TBS sesame seeds
¼ C peanuts



  1. Start by filling medium sized pot with water and heating it on the stove.
  2. While you wait for the water to come to a boil, prep your sauce.
  3. Measure all of the Thai Almond Butter Sauce ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth. Set aside.
  4. Now, prep your veggies. Cut them up and set all the chopped veggies aside in a large bowl.
  5. Once the pot of water is boiling, cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package.
  6. Once the pasta is finished, strain and set aside.
  7. Chop the scallions, cilantro and basil. Place half in the large bowl with the cut vegetables and set the other half aside in a small bowl garnishing.
  8. Combine pasta and sauce in the large bowl with the vegetables and herbs.
  9. Toss until everything is coated in Sauce
  10. Portion out the pasta mixture into cabbage leaves or bowls.
  11. Top with the remaining herbs, sesame seeds and peanuts.


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