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Last time we spoke, I revealed my oddball approach to losing weight. The best way to reach your goal weight and stay there?

Stop trying to lose weight. Instead, focus on getting healthy.

Are you rolling your eyes at such an ambiguous and non-sexy statement?

Did you already start frantically googling the Top 10 Diet Tips To Lose 5 Pounds In 24 Hours?

It may sound silly, but shifting the focus from losing weight to gaining health can completely change the game.

If your interest is piqued, take a look at the previous article where I share how this very mindset shift tipped the scales for Nora, catalyzing over 100 lbs lost to date.

Because today, I want to tackle a different beast; to answer the rather large question that we’ve yet to answer.

See, deciding to get healthy is all well and good. But…what the heck does that even mean?!

What does it mean to get healthy, and more importantly how do you do it? How do you become a healthy person?

The Six Pillars of Lasting Health and Accidental Weight Loss

So what does it take to creating lasting health? To lose weight and not have it creep back on?

Do we have to exercise an hour a day? Spend the rest of our lives counting carbs and being worried about what we eat? Is it never enjoying a delicious, indulgent meal ever again?

Far from it. When I took a long hard look at what separated those who are successful from those who continue to struggle, I came up with six differentiating factors.

And fascinating enough, only one has to do with diet. Exercise didn’t even make the list!

Let’s dive right in. The Six Pillars of Lasting Health and Accidental Weight Loss:

  1. The right food
  2. Organization and planning
  3. Social support
  4. Accountability
  5. The right mindset
  6. Addressing your issues

Were you surprised that only one of the pillars has to do with what you eat?

The right food is of course critical, but the place where most of us struggle is the follow through.

That is why the majority of the pillars have to do with building the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. This is the key to whole shebang.

Why? Because once we create the habits, patterns, programs, systems, and safeguards of health, they work automatically to keep us on track.

I just counted, and there are now 2.61 bazillion delicious, satisfying, and decadent whole food plant-based recipes on the internet.

If you eat these foods that are nutrient dense and low in caloric density over the long-term, you will get the results you are looking for.

You don’t have to try and lose weight; it will happen. The real challenge is to stay the course.

Rather than putting ourselves through deprivation and restriction diet after diet, we can invest that effort in putting the supports in place that will keep us on track.

Things like making friends with folks who share your same healthy values. Or getting organized so that healthy snacks are always readily available.

This is a process I call building your Lifestyle Support Systems.

For most of us, getting healthy is usually a bit of a bumpy journey. For me, it was like riding a camel over a waterfall.

Will you fall off the wagon? Have good days and bad days? Feel like giving up? Almost certainly.

But when your Lifestyle Support Systems are in place, you don’t have to rely on discipline and willpower — they work automatically to pull you forward when you experience the inevitable bumps along the way.

This is the real secret to long-term, sustainable, healthy weight loss.

The Health and Weight Loss Diagnostic

Sigh! You probably wanted a six-week plan to look great in your bathing suit, and I turned it into a lifetime of building healthy habits!

Where do we even begin?!

Next article, I go into the Six Pillars in-depth, but today I want to simplify things.

I have a roadmap that can help you identify just one key action that you can take to move forward.

I call this the Health and Weight Loss Diagnostic.

Answering these six questions takes just a couple minutes, but it will allow you to get laser focused on which of the Six Pillars is the most important for you to focus on.

Fill it out now:

All done! Now leave a comment below and let me know: Which question did you score the highest on? Which question did you score the lowest on?

And next article, I help you get started on the one key action that can take to get the results you are looking for.

Talk soon,

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