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Note: The follow up article Quit Cravings: The Golden Rule of Habit Change and Understanding the Elephant can be found here.

I always seem to have a least one vice that is in full swing.

I live in a tiny little town in southern Arizona, population 800. There are no stoplights and just one main road through town.

Amazingly, we just so happen to have a fantastic little health food store.

But by virtue of just how small it is, the sweet folks that run the store become intimately familiar with all of our buying habits!

And sometimes the word gets out…

Last year, became totally addicted to these little chocolate pies called Miracle Tarts.

Everyday after lunch I would find myself CRAVING them, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I found myself in the checkout line, usually with not one but two miracle tarts!

This went on for months.

It got to the point where everyone knew about my miracle tart…lets say inclination…and friends would start bringing them over when they came to visit.

For my birthday, two of my friends got together and made me one enormous miracle tart pie!

While this sweet treat technically met my “bottom lines” by being plant-based, no refined sugar, and no weird ingredients, it wasn’t supporting my overall goals and I had to let it go.

Plus, it was getting super embarrassing!

Next week I’ll share the story of how I kicked the habit.

But first I want to hear from you.

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t struggle with these issues of non-compliance — cravings, falling off the wagon, starting again on Monday syndrome.

Leave a comment and let me know what your biggest craving is. What throws you off track?

Make sure to answer these two questions:

  1. When does the craving hit? Is it a certain time of day? Is it when you feel a certain way? What’s the trigger?
  2. How do you feel before and after? Describe the emotion before you satisfy the craving and afterwards.

Hint: These two questions will play a big part in figuring out how to kick unhealthy habits.

Note: The follow up article Quit Cravings: The Golden Rule of Habit Change and Understanding the Elephant can be found here.

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