Melissa King - My Whole Food Life

Melissa King - My Whole Food Life

It was a seemingly offhand comment that started Melissa down this path.

Both her young daughters struggled with food allergies and feeding problems, but for her youngest child, Olive, it was particularly bad.

After a litany of tests, they found out that Olive was aspirating her food. This meant that every time Melissa would feed her, she would protest and cry and couldn’t keep her food down.

After moving her family across the desert from Las Vegas to Texas to be closer to family and have some support, she went to see a feeding therapist.

At the end of a session the therapist mentioned that Melissa may want to try feeding Olive some blended whole foods. This was all it took for a complete turnaround.

After introducing blended whole foods, Olive’s symptoms cleared up almost immediately.

Melissa's Daughters

Melissa’s Daughters Olive and Meadow

This was the spark that ignited Melissa’s whole food journey. If this one simple change could make such a difference for her daughter, what could it do for the rest of her family?

She started with small steps like skipping the sugar in her morning coffee and when she started seeing results she made more changes.

She lost 5-7 pounds without even trying.  In just a couple months, her husband was down 20 pounds and his cholesterol numbers improved dramatically.

She started a blog to document and to share with friends and family who noticed the change and wanted to know what they were doing.

My Whole Food Life

From humble beginnings, her blog has become hugely popular and has resulted in two cookbooks.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Melissa to talk about her journey, the challenges she faced getting started and how others can spark a similar health revolution for their families.

Watch the interview and learn:

  • The one simple change that completely transformed the health of Melissa’s daughter
  • Melissa’s advice for anyone transitioning to a whole food plant-based diet
  • How much weight Melissa and her husband lost and how long it took
  • The batch cooking system that Melissa and her family use to make sure they always have access to healthy meals
  • How Melissa gets her kids to eat healthy foods (especially during their picky phases)

Show Notes:

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