Watermelon Gazpacho

Watermelon Gazpacho

You have the answer. In some cases it could literally save their lives. And yet they aren’t even remotely interested in hearing about it, yet alone implementing it.

This is a common experience when we discover the power of lifestyle medicine.

I mean, it’s an absolute crazy revelation. 70-80% of chronic disease, our BIGGEST killers, can be prevented and even reversed with the magic of…vegetables.

It’s proven fact.

And so when the people we love face the nearly inevitable health destiny of the standard American diet, heart attacks, diabetes, weight gain, etc, OF COURSE we want to do everything that we can to help.

But they think we are the crazy ones.

I was looking through recipe books with a client of mine, and he pointed to a veggie-laden dish where the primary color was green. “Does that actually look appetizing to you?”, he asked.

I looked him in the eye and said…YES. I love vegetables! I go crazy if I go three days without eating greens.

I started out just where he was, eating pop tarts for breakfast, drinking crazy amounts of soda and eating fast food multiple times per week.

And now I LOVE vegetables. I think they are so beautiful. I find them so delicious. It’s an incredible pleasure to explore the incredible colorful, delectable variety of veggies, herbs, nuts, seeds, fruits and so on.

To get the glorious health benefits, you don’t even have to eat unappetizing food reminiscent of cardboard. You get to delight in satisfying, delicious, food with a side effect of nourishment.


Of course you know this.

But Your sister doesn’t want to hear it. Your best friend doesn’t want to hear it. Your husband REALLY doesn’t want to hear it.

Mark ReinfeldAnd you have to know when to apply gentle pressure and when to let it be. In most cases, you really just have to wait until someone is ready for the message, as hard as that is.

But often the best way is just to feed them. Show them how delicious the food can be. Give them a 3D experience of how good healthy food can taste!

Delicious food is an extremely powerful catalyst for change.

Which is why I’m so excited to share today’s interview with you.

Healing the Vegan Way

Mark Reinfeld is a a multi-award winning chef, author and food activist with over 20-years experience preparing creative vegan and raw food cuisine. and more. Through his Vegan Fusion company, he offers consulting, chef services, culinary workshops and chef trainings internationally.

He’s consulted for top companies such as google and whole foods, started an award winning restaurant and is on a mission to change the world by making healthy food taste amazing.

It’s an incredibly effective strategy, and I set down with Mark to talk about his work and his latest book Healing the Vegan Way.

Watch the interview and learn:

  • What are the two best elements of the raw food diet
  • The best place to start to improve your cooking skills
  • A simple trick to enjoy cooking and make sure you cook more meals at home
  • Marc’s favorite superfoods and which ones are overrated.

Show Notes:

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